The Team

Dan has been leader of the Hatters since 2014 after running scouts at the 6th Southgate Untitled.jpgbefore that. Although joining the Hatters team officially in 2014; Dan has been on summer camps with the Hatters since the very start and had been to Ireland, Denmark and Namibia as a leader with the Unit before taking over. Since then, Dan has led the Unit to the Netherlands, France, Austria and has been working with Alice, Dave, Paul and Steve to plan the expedition to Peru since late 2015.

Alice Ward has been part of the Hatters since its birth in September 2007. As one of the foundingalice-ward members that summer, Alice went on to be an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader and has been part of the leadership team in Namibia twice with the Hatters. Alice has a wealth of experience; has led camps in Namibia, Denmark and the UK. This isn’t all that she brings to the table; Alice is the Unit’s project expert with a first class degree in Environmental Science and currently studying for a Master’s in Environmental Assessment and Management.

Dave Preece has vast experience of international camps having been to the 2011 jamboreedavid-preece in Sweden, camps in the Netherlands, Austria and (like Alice) was a participant at the 2007 World Jamboree in Essex (slightly less distance). Dave joined the Hatters Leader team in 2015 after successfully leading Southgate Network (18 – 25 year olds) for 4 years and he immediately brought a new energy to the leader team. He is now an employee of The Scout Association and an invaluable source of knowledge and skill for expeditions.

Paul Coleman was a Scout at the 22nd Southgate and then an Explorer at The Grovers alongpaul-coleman with Dan. Paul is a terrific Scout leader and has led the Troop at the 6th Southgate since 2012. It will always be seen by those at the 6th a massive coup that Paul joined the leader team having transformed the troop in recent years. Paul brings lots of experience in planning and running camps, is a natural leader and was the first name on the team sheet.


Steve Smith is Southgate District Commissioner and Group Scout Leader at the 6th Southgate. Steve only ran the Troop at the 6th for a few decades before taking a step back, later becoming GSL. In that time, Steve led more camps abroad than he can count which is why Dan has been using him for advice and guidance on camping abroad since becoming Explorer Scout Leader. There are few leaders around with Steve’s level of experience making him a huge asset.