Summer Camp 2019 to Hameau de Bécours (France)

28th July to the 11th August—Hameau de Bécours – EEDF International Center , 12520 Verrieres, France



Please keep the 27th July and the 12th August available just in case until we have confirmed travel arrangements.

£650 maximum with a view to reducing this to £500 (including the £100 deposit we are requesting now) – the price cannot prevent anyone from attending so if this is or may be the case, speak to your Explorer Leaser straight away because we will always ensure that cost doesn’t prevent anyone from enjoying Scouting but we need to know.

Book your place now by paying a deposit of £100* and this form by email —both are required to secure your place! We have issued a maximum price which is on the flyer as well as a target price we hope to reduce to. Should cost be an issue or just a potential issue and you want to go then you still sign up but you speak to me because there are funds we can access to ensure that there are no barriers to anyone attending.

Some of the final details will rely on numbers, it is imperative when we organise international trips like this that we have final numbers promptly. The initial deadline for returning deposits is the 30th October.

On the trip we will fit in at least one beach day, at least one of the bigger cities nearby on the coast, some other sight-seeing, water sports and while we are on site we will take it in turns to help restore a hamlet. I’ve not promised them many days and we won’t all volunteer on all of them, I expect we will all work a full day each but that’s it. It will be a great experience to learn new skills, witness the fruits of our labour and ensure that we’re not just going on a holiday, we’re giving something back, too.

Rules for signing up; this is an Explorer Camp, if you are an explorer scout at the start of the next academic year (1st September 2018) then you are welcome to sign up but anyone older than that will be going as an adult leader and therefore invited by the leader team depending on the number of adults required, roles to be filled etc. There will not be an ‘inbetween’ age group on the camp, only young people and a selected leader team.



2019 Southgate District Explorer Summer Camp