What a bunch of young people!

My turn to blog again!

After letting the young people write something genuinely interesting or funny I thought that it was about time that I bore you once again because these wonderful young people deserve a little more praise!

Most of our Monday nights have been quiet and quite relaxed of late to give a chance for recovery from the Southern 50, from Winter Camp and to reserve some energy for some huge events to come – and that’s just the leader team.

However, there was time for the Unit to once again pull out all of the stops when we asked for a few cakes and a couple of bodies to help sell them. Our Lady of Lourdes in Arnos Grove kindly agreed to let us sell some cakes on Sunday 28th February and I will admit that when I unpacked my car on the Sunday morning, I was a little concerned that we didn’t have quite enough.


Apparently, the Hatters and their parents are prolific bakers! We had enough to cover a full day of masses let alone a morning. Having sampled several, I can vouch for how delicious they were. I would have settled some something like half a dozen Explorers helping out at any given time, working in shifts. Not these Explorers! At its peak, the workforce was 20 Explorers and 4 leaders strong (with the majority staying from the 8.30am start through to the 1pm finish).


It was a tremendous result and although we had made over £320 by this point, there was still enough cake for a small sale. I then decided to become a mobile cake salesman, driving from Church to Church across Barnet and Southgate until we had got rid of a reasonable chunk and made another £30. With a little selling in my office on Monday and Tuesday on top of that we finally finished the cake and made an impressive £378.20.


On Monday 7th March the Hatters ESU was privileged to welcome two wonderful guests. Fozzy is a fairly regular guest but we were also graced by the presence of Emily, a volunteer with ‘Mind’ who was with us for the evening to open up some discourse with the Explorers on mental health. Emily shared her own story with the Explorers and got them to engage in what it is a sensitive topic but we have to say, was absolutely fantastic.

Fozzy was at the meeting to help recognise some wonderful achievements of the Explorers. Where to begin? The ceremony kicked off with a long overdue trophy presentation to the Fire Thimbles (aka Anna, Julia, Kate and Olivia) who won the 2015 Monopoly Run and then, the 3rd placed team from 2015 (contenders again this year?).

2016-03-07 21.08.13.jpg

Sophie received a Jack Petchey Award as did Joel and Gideon – Hannah also received the same accolade the week before at Young Leaders. Fozzy took over and presented Michael, Joe, Jack and Aaron with their 50km Novice Trophy from the Southern 50 this year and also acknowledged the amazing achievement of every single young person from the Unit completing their chosen distance and a record number of 7 teams entered (according to Fozzy)!

2016-03-07 21.10.53.jpg

The following is a list of Explorers who have achieved their Chief Scout Platinum Awards and were presented them on Monday; Joel, Katie, Tom, Rhys, Katharine, Michael, Emily, Joe, Sam, Matt, Rose and last but not least with a Diamond Award too, Gideon. There is one more waiting to be awarded their Platinum and several more who are close. The trend was actually started by Adam a couple of months ago and long may it continue!

2016-03-07 21.29.25.jpg

It was yet another night on which the leader team were completely overwhelmed with pride and admiration for the Explorers whether they were the ones being rewarded or not on this particular occasion. Every single one of them keep surprising us!

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