Remembrance Sunday, brunch, a few fireworks and one or two hot dogs

A very busy long weekend for the Hatters! I don’t know about you but I’m shattered. An awful lot of hot dogs, a similar amount of explosives, brunch, Remembrance Sunday and a lot of hard graft.

It all began on Saturday morning with a handful of very soggy Explorers helping us out at the Walker Ground to set up gazebos, fencing, bins and would later become the 6th Southgate Hot Dog stall. Despite doing their best impression of drowned rats (and no, that isn’t how we dealt with the district stores culprit), the Explorers worked tirelessly all morning.

In what felt like about 5 minutes, we were back in the afternoon and the cooking was underway. Business was slow to begin with which allowed the Hatters to develop a unique style of food service, mostly through the medium of dance. As was quickly discovered, when the numbers picked up, dancing isn’t the most effective way of serving hungry punters their dogs!

Despite some hiccups that were mostly my fault, the Hatters dis themselves proud and the evening was a huge success. The following morning a theory was proved; offer Explorers food as bribery and they will make you proud! There is nothing amusing to say about the Hatters on Sunday morning at Christ Church for the Remembrance Sunday Service. All I can remark is how overwhelmed I was – thank you.

The brunch that was beautifully cooked by Rory, Dave and The Oberlander went down very well after the service so it was time to focus on Monday night’s fireworks display. Another popular theory was proved correct on Monday night; that an Explorer’s attention span is comparable but not as long as an infant. Nonetheless, another good showing, lots more hard work, four were invested in front of the DC (yes, Giselle as well as Barbara) and a crowd of about 130 from the 6th, the 14th, 4th and Hatters. One more investiture followed in the building in front of a smaller crowd but was actually, quite lovely (I thought).

It was a long three day slog and the Hatters were all absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

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