Night Hike

The highlight for 22 explorers this half term has been our Night Hike in September. It was the story of two teams, two routes, two new torches, two pies and two hours’ sleep (for those lucky enough to get it).

We met at the 6th Southgate HQ. The Explorers were briefed and planned a route to walk from Waterfall Road to Tolmers Campsite in Cuffley (specifically, without the use of the very handy train line from Palmers Green). The two groups came up with different routes and after they were reminded of the rules, the law, and after a quick equipment check they were off.

They completed the walk overnight and in good time. Both set off at about quarter to ten and the first group made it back after two and second after three. It was a little wet when they set off but for the most part, enjoyed a good walk in good weather for a September night. They arrived back looking like they needed a well-earned rest…how wrong we were.

Upon arrival, there were hot drinks available and then we made them all a sausage sandwich and allowed them to tuck into the crisps and fruit that we had provided as well as copious quantity of sugar that they brought along. That is where it all went wrong. A sugar overload led to a night of jumping up and down on mattresses and not getting the rest that we hoped for.

Finally, some of them got a few hours of sleep before a full English breakfast and a minion assisted clean up.

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